Daring to dream, daring to believe in yourself, daring to believe in others, and discovering that what you really wish for can be possible, creates amazing feelings. To be safe, to be seen, to be respected and surrounded by people who want well, are the prerequisites for daring to start dreaming and developing. When I hear about different projects that do just that – creating basic conditions for children and young people to learn, to dream and to feel safe developing their talents, I get really excited. These are the kind of initiatives that Charity Yoga supports.


Pragati Centre in Dharavi, Mumbai, is an initiative that started in 2012 with the goal of creating a safe and secure place where children can learn, play, dream and develop their talents. Pragati Centre is located in Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum. Most of the children’s parents are daily wage earners. They must, therefore, take care of themselves and they often lack proper care and support

With the beautiful mission of spreading smiles on children’s faces, Sumeet Gade, operates the initiative and collects money. Charity Yoga has been able to support the cost of running the center for 6 months. while visiting the center in March of 2017 we were able to hand over a computer, a camera and a music player.

Project Nepal education

Nepal Education was founded in 2004 by enthusiasts Svante and Pi-Charlotte. Their mission is to give Nepalese girls the opportunity to go to school, creating a good foundation for getting a job in the future. In June of 2018 there were 52 girls who were simultaneously sponsored by the project.

In addition, the project contributes to run ”Mayan Home” for 24 orphans.

Nepal Education is focusing on helping girls from poor families who otherwise cannot afford to go to school. The study motivation is incredibly high among the girls who have received the opportunity to learn for life.

Charity yoga gives support to several girls so they can go to school. Education strengthens their self-esteem and increases their opportunities to live a dignified and independent life

Meet with two of the girls that we jointly sponsored during 2017/2018


Monika Chhetri

Monika is one of the girls who lives in an orphanage in Kirtiour (Maya Ghar). She is an active girl who likes to do various kinds of social work. She was born the 4th of May 2002. Currently, she is studying at Mangal Mabhi School. She has the aim to become a social worker and wants to help and support people in need. Her hobbies are dancing and singing. Her favorite subjects include Social Studies and English. She is full of energy and wants to help develop her country.


Puja Basnet

Puja was born on the 29th of September, 2001. She currently lives in Kirtipur with her aunt although her permanent address is Illam. Puja is currently studying at the Creative Academy school. She really loves to dance and sing and to be involved in extracurricular activities. With the aim of becoming a flight attendant along with having an interest in Science, she wants to fly high in the near future.